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Welcome to doTERRA!! Everyday we receive many gifts of the earth like air, water, food and life. But what about the gift of health and where do we get it? I believe that gift comes in the form of essential oils. Essentials oils are the plants natural medicine against bacteria, viruses and diseases that attack the cells. One drop of essential oils contains hundreds of unique volatile aromatic compounds offering powerful chemistry for fighting many diseases. Remember our bodies and plants have very similar building blocks. When we take essential oils into our bodies they are in a familiar environment and they go to work on our behalf just as they would for the plant killing bacteria and inhibiting viruses production, cleansing toxins, destroying parasites, oxygenating our cells and boosting our immune systems. Essential oils don't just treat symptoms they work at the root cause of the problem at the cellular level and are one of the greatest gifts for our health. I welcome you with joy to doTERRA. And, I encourage you to enjoy this beautiful essential oil LifeStyle Overview Guide to get you started and familiarized with using your essential oils and the abundance of freedom and joy that awaits you.

Health & Wellness Fitness Store

You're now the proud owner of your very own online medicine cabinet. Now you can write your own clean bill of health. You can use your doTERRA Wholesale Customer ID and your Password to gain access to your online essential oil medicine cabinet. You can log into your virtual back office here: www.mydoterra.com. This is the most intelligent way to buy your oils. doTERRA created and dedicated this system to you for your convenience and so that you essentially get paid for being healthy because the more you spend the more your earn. You earn cash back in product points for every purchase you make. This means FREE products every month! Basically you're getting paid for shopping and taking your supplements. Who does that? It is time to put all our CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) doTERRA products to the ultimate test by doing a 90 day trial run via your back office Loyalty Rewards Program. And you can do that with total reassurance because doTERRA products are fully guaranteed and you'll be refunded if you're not fully satisfied.

Two Exciting Ways To Place Your Orders

You can review products via our online product catalogue and place your order by calling doTERRA at: 800 411 8151 or you can use your doTERRA's website portal via your back office (as explained in this video) to create a monthly product wish list. Start by accruing your doTERRA points/dollars early because you are entitled to a 25% off wholesale discount on your second month's order when you signed up as a Wellness Advocate for a $35 enrollment fee. Use doTERRA's ingenius Loyalty Rewards Program also called LRP which allows you to edit or cancel your shopping cart products at any time. Through your monthly LRP which is the best economical way to buy oils you'll earn cash back. doTERRA has the best reward program out there by far and maintains a very high satisfied customer retention rate.

Health And Wellness Cost Savings

You'll be saving big by joining doTERRA's wholesale membership club which allows you to enjoy 25% off all oils, supplements & natural self care products for a whole year. This amounts to an incredible yearly savings in your health and wellness routine. You also get paid just for renewing your membership, a fee of only $25. Because when you renew your membership you'll get a FREE bottle of peppermint. How cool is that?

Your heath and life are about to take a forward leap in rejuvenation and healing! Isn't it about time?! Be prepared to take a quantum leap in wellness, wholeness and income too. With a doTERRA Wellness Advocate Membership in your hands, you now own the "magic key" that unlocks the door of opportunity to triple your income. Who wouldn't want that, right? You now have the opportunity to spring-board your wellness and peace of mind into a new reality. You now have the structure and community support in place to celebrate your freedom and to live the life of your dreams. What is the life of your dreams? Ponder that for a moment and then tell yourself - It is possible to live the life of my dreams. doTERRA means "gift of the earth" in Latin. I challenge you to take this precious unique gift of mother earth and use it to grow your income, bring comfort, build a community of love and watch joy flourish. Isn't that exciting?! You have a real life doTERRA utopia in your hands. Step out of the old boring momentums of the past that keep you on a treadmill to nowhere but the land of minimum wages and micro managers and step into the freedom of doTERRA . God's gift of the earth and a pathway to greater good on behalf of many. The future is in your hands.

Cheer's to your Health & Wealth!

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